Meet the AE Team


Samantha Eastman Email: (951) 827-6481
Samantha Eastman holds an M.Ed. in Instructional Technology. As a Curriculum Coordinator with instructional design experience, she developed and implemented web-based and multi-platform, educational programs and services. She worked on various grant-funded, teacher-education initiatives that emphasized technology integration and training, and coordinated a hybrid, faculty professional development program with a technology focus. In addition to having assisted students and faculty in higher education settings, she has worked as a Research Assistant in Special Education, and as an Instructional Assistant in Educational Psychology.

Nathaniel Wildes Email: (951) 827-1848
Nathaniel Wildes is an Instructional Design Analyst at UCR, where he supports faculty with online and hybrid course development as well as classroom technology solutions. He worked in the California State University system for over 10 years and has extensive experience in online course design and development. He has presented nationally and his expertise lies in multimedia production, quality assurance of online teaching and learning, and Open Educational Resources. Nathaniel holds a certificate in eLearning and teaches graduate courses in the Educational Technology program at CSUSB. Nathaniel Wildes holds a M.S. in STEM Education with a concentration in Instructional Technology.

Chantal Eyong Email: (951) 827-2872
Chantal Eyong is a Media Producer, currently supporting media development for ILTI grant funded online/hybrid courses. Chantal combines her interest in digital pedagogy, her background in teaching, documentary filmmaking, and producing fiction narratives into developing media content in the field of education.

Cheryl Diermeyer Email: (951) 827-9010
Cheryl Diermyer is an Instructional Design Strategist with Academic Engagement, at UC Riverside. Cheryl was previously at FOM/|UCPath Human Resources as the Instructional Design and Training Manager. Cheryl is a graduate of the EDUCAUSE Leadership Program and the MOR Associates Information Technology Leadership Program. She has taught several undergraduate courses ranging from Designing for Online Learning to Counseling Phycology. Cheryl holds MBA graduate certification in Innovation Design and two graduate certifications in Instructional Design for Online Learning and Digital Storytelling. She is a doctoral candidate (2019) in Education with specialization in Performance Improvement Leadership. She has an M.A. in Industrial Design and an B.A. in Communications. Her research focuses on individual and organizational performance improvement. Once a CBS News Journalist who would find herself strapped to the outside of an inflight Huey helicopter, or in the midst of an FBI shoot out, she now enjoys her career in academia.

Kim DeBacco Email: (951) 827-1808
Kim DeBacco PhD is an Instructional Design Analyst at the University of California Riverside. Previously at the University of California Santa Barbara, Kim was an Academic Program Director in Extension (2015-2018) and an Instructional Consultant (2008-2015). Prior to coming to the USA in 2008, Kim was a tenured Lecturer in Flexible/Online Teaching & Learning in the Institute for Teaching and Learning at The University of Sydney (2001-2008), and in the Academic Development Unit at La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia (1998-2001). Kim's research interests center around blended teaching and learning, and ethics and reciprocity in ID/developer-faculty and faculty-student relationships. Originally a foreign language teacher and language teacher educator, Kim is proficient in 6 languages and is also interested in educational technologies and language learning.

Instructional Design Assistants:

Darryl Laforteza, Austin Chao, Jaron Land, Harley Grow