REMAIN VIGILANT! Please Be Aware of an Increase in Cyberattacks at UC Riverside

UC Riverside is a prime target of attacks from cybercriminals, including but not limited to phishing, ransomware, and job offer scams. Some of these attacks have already claimed victims at UCR this year. The financial, mental, and emotional toll of cyber crime is immense, which is why ITS wants to remind the Highlander community to follow cybersmart practices and remain vigilant when using technology. Visit for current security alerts. Visit for cybersmart tips and resources. 


Riverside, Ca –

This time each year the IRS and various law enforcement groups observe a marked increase in phishing scams aimed at collecting employee W-2 forms which risk exposing crucial employee information such as Social Security numbers and other data used for identity theft.


To combat this threat, the IRS established an incident reporting method:


Email to notify the IRS of a W-2 data loss. Provide the contact information listed below so the IRS may contact you. In the subject line, type “W2 Data Loss” for email routing.  Do not attach any employee personally identifiable information (PII) data but include:


a.    Business name

b.    Business employer identification number (EIN) associated with the data loss

c.    Contact name

d.    Contact phone number

e.    Summary of how the data loss occurred

f.    Volume of employees impacted


If you believe you have been a victim of identity theft, please visit the following tested and verified website provided by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) -


As always, we thank you for your vigilance in keeping our campus and our data secure. For questions and support, please contact Information Technology Solutions at (951) 827-IT4U (4848) or