Riverside, Ca –

Information Technology Solutions (ITS) would like to introduce you to the BearHelp leadership team. This team is responsible for the strategic direction and continuous improvement of the campus technology support division within ITS. They are here to serve your technology support needs.


Sam Robbin, image

Sam Robbin, Director of Campus Support & Assessment

Under his strategic leadership with 23 years of IT experience, Sam guides and manages the vision and direction for the new campus BearHelp division of Information Technology Solutions (ITS), its technical support services along with continual improvement assessment. With a renewed focus on assessment and planning, Sam defines and administers technology awareness and training initiatives across all three divisions of BearHelp - the campus helpdesk, the endpoint support team, and the campus computing labs. If you have questions for Sam, he can be contacted at or (951) 827-3279.


Phyllis Franco, image

Phyllis Franco, Manager of Campus Helpdesk

The Campus Helpdesk division of BearHelp refines and provides first contact technical support to faculty, staff and students through phone and remote support mechanisms. Phyllis’ 30 years of dedication in the technology support field bring unique insight in technical support from integrating traditional practices to reinforcing a renewed commitment to “first call resolution”.  If you have questions for Phyllis, she can be contacted at or (951) 827-2481.



Richard Ybarra, image

Richard Ybarra, Manager of Endpoint Support

The Endpoint Support division of BearHelp provides comprehensive endpoint support and management of campus hardware such as laptops, desktops, site licenses, mobile and point‐of sale devices in accordance with established information security measures (FERPA, HIPAA, PCI, etc). Richard spearheads his team with energy backed by his 32 years of technical know-how from government entities as well as other state and higher education institutions. If you have questions for Richard, he can be contacted at or (951) 827-9383.


Duffy Chisholm, image

Duffy Chisholm, Support Systems Analyst

The Campus Computing Labs division of BearHelp establishes innovative practices in support of teaching and learning. The Computing Labs strive to provide exemplary tools and technologies to campus students while managing effective procurement and maintenance of hundreds of lab devices as well as the campus equipment checkout program in collaboration with academic requirements. Duffy’s 17 years in healthcare technology brings a welcomed approach to process development and standardized practices for a consistent, unified approach to Campus Computing Labs. If you have questions for Duffy, he can be contacted at  or (951) 827-2902.


The BearHelp Leadership Team looks forward to any questions, concerns and feedback from our campus community.