As part of the University’s efforts to address the increasing threats to the security of our information systems and data, Information Technology Solutions (ITS) is now offering the use of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for all UCR faculty, staff and enrolled students. 

With today’s increased chance of compromised credentials, even if your password is compromised, MFA prevents anyone but you from accessing your account(s). Once entering credentials into an application, MFA prompts you to utilize a mobile phone or a bypass code to verify your identity, which is required in order to sign in successfully.  The UCR MFA implementation schedule is as follows:

January 29, 2019: The first phase of MFA requirements will be enabled. Users of the 10 sensitive systems listed below will require MFA in order to access the application(s).  The 10 applications included in this phase are:

Banner App Navigator
Banner Administration
Banner Document Management (BDMS)
Banner (non-student URLs)
Campus Receivables Collector (CRC)
Graduate Student Information System (GradSIS)
Graduate Enrolled Student System (GradESS)
UCR Financial System

February/March:  Required for ITS owned student systems.  ITS is currently working with ASUCR/GSA to determine the best date for students

April 2, 2019: All users of the new UCPath Portal will use multi-factor authentication to access pay and benefit data within UCPath. 

We encourage you to visit to enroll and begin using your secondary authentication device or method.  If you would like more information visit the ServiceNow Knowledge Base articles ( for more specific information and enrollment instructions. 

We thank you for your diligence in keeping our campus and our data secure. For questions and support, please contact Information Technology Solutions at (951) 827-IT4U (4848) or