Congratulations to the ITS Extension Network Upgrade Team.

The Extension Network Upgrade Team was recognized as ITS “Team of the Month” on March 5, 2019. Staff and leaders from ITS and the UC Riverside Extension Center praised the team for their work on overhauling the Extension Center’s aging network infrastructure. The project included configuring and replacing many network switches, rewiring and organizing patch panels and replacing a very old cable run within the UCR Extension Center building. The team was comprised of four ITS staff members: David Mackay, Tim Paul, Julie Slusser and Michael Mendoza.

According to award nominations received, the team was quick to adapt to various unknown challenges and was on site throughout the project getting their hands dirty alongside Extension IT staff. Their technical knowledge and positive attitudes greatly contributed to the success of this project, delivering a more modern, stable, and secure network environment for the Extension Center’s students, staff, faculty and visitors.

David, Tim, Julie and Michael—excellent work and congratulations!