In honor of this year's National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM) national theme -- Own IT. Secure IT. Protect IT. -- we want to share with you 20 tips on how you can own, protect, and secure your data at UCR. 


Own IT.

    1. Never click and tell: Stay safe on social media and don’t overshare
    2. Know what you're sharing: Update privacy settings for your devices and applications
    3. Keep tabs on your apps: Read the fine print about the security of your device applications and the information they share about you
    4. Report suspicious emails: Forward suspicious emails to

Secure IT.

    1. Shake up your passphrase protocol: Create strong, unique passphrases
    2. It’s good to be different: Ensure that every account you have has a unique, strong password
    3. Double your login protection: Turn on multi-factor authentication for your personal accounts when possible
    4. Manage your passwords: Adopt a password management program like Keepass, Lastpass, Dashlane, etc.
    5. Shop safely online: Make sure you’re shopping with reputable online vendors
    6. Know before you go: Look for the ‘S’ in HTTPS:// which stands for secure
    7. Play hard to get with strangers: Learn how to spot and avoid phishing attacks

Protect IT.

    1. If you connect, you must protect: Update to the latest security software, web browser, and operating systems
    2. Block it: Use an ad blocker with your web browser
    3. Encrypt it: Encrypt the data you transmit on your portable devices
    4. Turn the key: Always lock your devices when not in use
    5. Watch your webcams: Put a webcam security blocker of your computer’s built-in camera
    6. Stay protected while connected: Use the UCR-SECURE network while on campus and avoid public WiFi outside of campus whenever possible
    7. If you collect it, protect it: Keep customer/stakeholder data and information safe and secure
    8. Info no you didn’t: Do not share passwords with anyone including your classmates, colleagues, and friends
    9. Keep a copy: Backup your data regularly


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