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Sohail Wasif
Sohail Wasif: Senior Creative Consultant
"The intersection of art and science is a most interesting relationship that presents itself in academia, in research, and in teaching and learning. I find myself dedicated to the pursuit of visual explanations, and how they contribute through the creative process – to the research and teaching mission of UC Riverside."
 – Sohail Wasif 
 Senior Creative Consultant


Who we are


ITS Information and Graphic Design provides creative services to UCR, specializing in information design.

Our work encompasses grants in research and education, journal articles and covers, teaching and learning graphics and animations for courses, and marketing/brand strategies that are specialized for faculty, colleges, departments and various university partners. In grant support alone we've had the privilege of collaborating with faculty, principal investigators, researchers and the likes who have collectively been awarded over $5 million at UC Riverside since 2016.  Please browse the gallery for a selection of examples of our work .

​In addition to academic support, we also take on administrative endeavors and assisting UCR and UC-wide leadership with complex decision-making processes.

Keep in mind that there are several other design shops at UCR with a unique purpose: University Communications provides services for university outreach and advancement. Student Affairs Marketing and Communications is dedicated to the student experience and admissions, and provides print, photo/video and web marketing, design and editorial support to Enrollment Services and Student Affairs departments and offices. Printing & Reprographics supports the campus with printing expertise and some design work as it relates to their product offering. If you’re not sure what type of creative services you need, we’d be happy to help point you in the right direction.


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