Requesting a creative consultation

Getting started

Getting started with your project is easy. Just email your request to directly to a consultant.

If you are not sure about what to request, you can browse the graphics gallery to see some examples that might be similar to what you are looking to have done. 

What to expect

When you submit a request, you'll receive a confirmation from our request system. A creative consultant will contact you within 24 to 48 hours, to determine a time to discuss your project in more detail. You'll then receive an estimate based on the strategy, scope of work, and delivery timeframe. Once we have your approval, you'll be on your way to success. That's it!

The process

Have questions about how it all works? Usually, achieving the finished graphic or product consists of three phases:

  • Initial phase: Open discussion, sketches, and making big decisions.

    The first draft reflects the initial discussion and ideas gathered through preliminary sketches from the intial meeting. It affords the most amount of flexibility in allowing changes in project direction and even scope. 

  • Second phase: We're styling, and we know what we want.

    This step establishes a strong direction. It incorporates changes and direction ascertained from the first stage and thus limits a requestor’s ability to request certain types of changes, including the subject matter, the final desired format in terms of print, sizing, and the number of words or amount of factual content that will be part of the artwork. The client may address issues like readability, font, color changes, typographical changes that are within reason and do not have a transformative effect on layout, or add to the drawing in a way that drastically changes qualities such as the aspect ratio of the original request (wide vs. portrait).

  • Third phase: Fine-tuning. We're almost there!

    Here clients are still able to spot typographical errors, add bolding or limited type treatment as in underlines, italics, superscript or subscript, and add a limited numbers of non-layout changing items (adding more of an existing object), limited color changes, line thickness adjustments, or marginal stylization such as the addition of drop shadows, reflections, or other similar non-invasive accents.



  • How long will my project take to complete?

    It depends on several factors including your desired timeframe, the complexity of the ask, and your availability to provide feedback during the development process. Do you have reference materials or specific ideas, or would you like to spend a little more time on figuring out the concept or strategy? We can help with the development of an idea too, and do offer consultation services to develop a strategy or an approach. Once we know more about your project we can provide you with an estimated time from brainstorming to completion.

  • How much do you charge?

    The Graphics and Information Design Service is considered part of specialty offering and is billed at an hourly rate of $97.55 for the 2020-2021 fiscal year. 


  • Is the artwork my property?

    Yes, unlike some design shops that you may find outside of the university, once you've commissioned a project, all corresponding artwork (including important source files), concepts, and products are your property unless otherwise specified by the university. If you leave the university you can take all of your work with you, however, UCR may retain a historical connection to what you did when you were here. 

  • How will I receive my project once it is finished?

    The finished project is yours when you sign off on the work and finalize payment. At your request, we will supply the electronic files to you by way of downloadable link, or electronic attachment. We also keep a copy of your project on file for later updates or should you lose your copy.