UC Riverside is a prime target of attacks from cybercriminals, including but not limited to phishing, ransomware, and job offer scams. Some of these attacks have already claimed victims at UCR this year. The financial, mental, and emotional toll of cyber crime is immense, which is why ITS wants to remind the Highlander community to follow cybersmart practices and remain vigilant when using technology. Visit its.ucr.edu/iso-alerts for current security alerts. Visit its.ucr.edu/cybersmart for cybersmart tips and resources. 


Information Technology Solutions (ITS) is now reviewing all UCR IT related purchases on campus via the eBuy Online Purchasing Application. 

Please follow the workflow instructions below when requesting ITS consultation and approval:

  • All respective UCR departments wishing to purchase IT related items, must route the purchase to Tamela Bow.
    • This action is completed by routing the request through eBuy under the approval’s tab (see the Check Out Process guide for detailed information)
  • All requests should contain the quote, contract (if applicable), vendor contact information, and the end user’s information. 
  • The request will be reviewed by ITS to determine if the vendor needs to complete the Appendix DS, a risk assessment, or if the solution/service/equipment will work in the current environment. ITS will engage with the vendor to complete the Appendix DS or conduct a risk assessment if either is needed. 
  • Once the review is complete the request will be approved/checked back in to the requesting department. The department will then need to issue the Purchase Order or route the request to Central Purchasing to issue the Purchase Order. 

Please note, if a department does not send IT related purchases to ITS to review through the approval tab, Central Purchasing will either send the request back to the end user or send the request to IT to review. Should you have any questions, please contact our main office at (951) 827-4741.