Information specific to user accounts and password guidelines for UC Riverside faculty, staff and students for the purpose of supporting instruction, research, and administrative activities. (Not all applications are listed below)

Central Authentication Service 
Central Authentication Service (CAS) is a key component of UCR’s Identity Management initiative. CAS unifies the login process of all UCR applications into a “single-sign-on” approach making authentication easier across multiple applications simultaneously.

Enterprise Access Control System (EACS) 
The Enterprise Access Control System (EACS) provides UCR System Access Administrators (SAAs) a single tool to securely control access to a wide variety of campus systems within their scope of responsibility in a completely paperless, automated environment. In addition, EACS contains reports that allow SAAs to view their accountability structure grouped by application or by UCR NetID.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
Multi-factor authentication is a multi-faceted approach to authenticating a user. MFA enhances the security of your account by using your phone, tablet, a passcode to verify your identity. If someone were to steal your UCR password, the bad actor would have access to all single sign-on systems. With MFA, a secondary step is added for security precaution (phone, hardware token or bypass code) and is required in order to sign in successfully. This prevents anyone but you from accessing your account, even if they know your password.

Temporary NetID System (TNS)
The Temporary NetID System is a tool available for departments to provide campus affiliates with a temporary UCR NetID and password to access the UC Learning Center for all necessary training courses. By virtue of being granted a temporary NetID and password, users also gain temporary wireless network access.