Access to software and services that deliver core administrative systems and applications for the UC Riverside campus is available to faculty, staff and students - dependent on role and EACS approval. Below are examples of campus software and business applications. For access to specific applications, contact your Departmental SAA.

Human Resources Applications 

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Academic Personnel (AP) Recruit 
The Academic Personnel Recruit System (AP Recruit) is a part of the Academic Personnel Systems for the University of California, Riverside. AP Recruit is a secure online academic employment recruitment management system, supporting the entire recruitment workflow from creation of a recruitment plan, application, reference gathering, reviewing by the search committee, and, finally, selecting a hired candidate. 

Career Tracks 
Career Tracks is a system which integrates with both iReview, UCR's reclassification and equity system, and iRecruit, UCR's online recruitment management system. Career Tracks is UCR's campus repository of job descriptions and replaces UCR's Job Description System (JDS).

Academic Merit and Promotion system, known as eFile, represents a significant improvement of the academic personnel review process for faculty storing every facet of a faculty member's professional career. Assembling and reviewing faculty merit and promotion portfolios is faster, simpler and more efficient using this stable, secure, flexible system. eFile features electronically routed, paperless review of merit and other academic personnel actions, as well as the capability of automated generation of a variety of reports and queries, including curriculum vita, bio-sketches, and other reports supporting various faculty needs (e.g. for extramural funds proposals).

Human Resources Data Warehouse (HRDW) 
The Human Resources & Academic Personnel Data Warehouse (HRDW) provides options to query personnel information as well as access a series of pre-defined reports that provide easy access to commonly needed information.

The iRecruit suite of systems provides a comprehensive, end to end electronic process for UCR's staff recruitments and includes the following comprehensive staff recruitment management systems: Job Description System, Requisition System, Application System/JOBS Portal, and the Application Review System. 

iReview is UC Riverside's online staff equity and reclassification review system. It allows for the completely paperless creation, routing, review and approval of departmental equity and reclassification requests.

Student Data Query System 
The Student Data Query System was developed for departmental and college personnel, faculty, and staff directly involved in student academic advising. The SDQS contains a secure, intuitive web interface that provides access to pre-defined reports as well as a query tool enabling users to report on wide variety of academic information (e.g. cumulative GPA, academic holds, units earned, enrollments, etc.). Individuals that have responsibility for advising students (e.g. who need to run a list of their advisees who are in academic difficulty) or reporting (i.e., who need to know how many students are enrolled for a particular major and create classes to meet the demand) will find the SDQS highly valuable.

UC Path
The UCPath project includes the replacement of Payroll & Personnel System (PPS) instances with a single PeopleSoft implementation called the UCPath system. When it is adopted system-wide, UCPath will serve over 200,000 UC employees across 10 campuses, five medical centers and other university facilities. It is a key program of the University of California's Working Smarter initiative to strategically improve the efficiency of the University's business operations and direct savings to the core mission of teaching, research and public service.

UCR Title and Pay Plan 
The Title and Pay Plan is a comprehensive online system that allows users to search for UCR job titles and title codes and find the corresponding salary grades, step structures, class specifications, bargaining units, overtime eligibility, shift differentials, and on-call rates.


Campus Planning Applications

(Not all applications are listed)

Asset Management System (AMS) 
AMS provides equipment custodians with a user-friendly and readily accessible tool to facilitate the accurate monitoring and reporting of equipment assets. The AMS was developed as a solution to enhance and improve the equipment inventory process.

Capital Programs Management Systems (CPMS)  
The Capital Programs Management System (CPMS) provides the ability to manage campus space, renovations, and expansions via a transparent approach that is available through all steps in the planning and review process providing all stakeholders a clear understanding of a project’s “scope, schedule, and budget.”

Facilities Management System (FMS) 
The Facilities Management System, maintained by Capital and Physical Planning, tracks statistics for buildings and rooms on campus with the ability to electronically attach and display diagrams, CAD drawings, and blueprints for any room.


Financial & Budgetary Applications 

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eBuy is UCR's Online Purchasing application.  eBuy supports a number of roles enabling requestors and transactors to create, process and finalize purchasing transactions for the procurement of goods and services.

SuperDOPE contains all payroll transactions from the UCPath Payroll system. Users may query payroll and benefit expenditures by FAU combination and/or by employee name. Query results may be exported to MS Excel for further analysis and reporting.

UCR Financial System - UCRFS 
UCRFS is the campus enterprise financial system used to perform such actions as entering budgetary transactions, processing cost transfers and reviewing post audit notification entries.

UCRFStotals is UCR’s Financial and Budgetary Data Warehouse.  UCRFStotals provides the ability for users  to access general ledger financial and budgetary transactions for query and analysis.  Users may query the data warehouse in detail mode or summary mode, including the option to "drill down" into the detail transactions that make up summary totals.  In addition, search results may be exported to Excel for further data management and reporting.


Productivity Applications

(Not all applications are listed)

ePay - Online Payment System 
The ePay Online Payment Request Application manages payment requests for Petty Cash Reimbursements, Refunds, Business Meeting and Entertainment Events. ePay incorporates online business rules, and improved policy controls. Payments may be processed either by check or EFT.

Facilities Work Order System 
The Facilities Work Order System is used to request maintenance and repair of campus facilities.  Any user with a valid NetID can access the Trouble Ticket Form.  Transactors can generate requests for billable repairs and services.

The Travel Planning & Expense Reporting System (iTravel) is a system designed to meet the diverse needs of campus departments, as well as increase compliance with University travel policy, especially regarding required authorizations. The iTravel System allows travelers to enter travel planning data/information and record travel expenses. Department travel coordinators can prepare and submit travel expense reimbursement forms to Accounting who will finalize the expense voucher for reimbursement. All department approvals occur on-line and supporting receipts and other documentation are uploaded into the system for online access.

Mail Services Work Order System 
The Mail Services Work Order System gives options for authorized users to request Bulk Mail, Inter-Campus, Scotmail and Messenger Services.  Mail Services provides most services offered by the United States Postal Service including certified, registered, express and insured mail.

PI Web Reporting System (PIWRS) 
The PI Web Reporting System (PIWRS) is a campus reporting tool that generates monthly Contract & Grant financial reports for Principal Investigators (PIs).  By default, all PIs automatically have access to this application and can view reports for their contract and grant funding sources.  The PIWRS also is linked to the Annual Payroll Certification System, providing Principal Investigators (PIs) with the option to certify payroll expenditures are reasonable in relation to the work performed on the sponsored project.

Time & Attendance Reporting System, Timesheet (TARS) 
The Time & Attendance Reporting System (TARS) is UCR's online tool that automates time and attendance reporting. This system offers users the automation of the labor-intensive process of recording payroll information into the Personnel Payroll System (PPS). In addition, TARS increases the transparency of the time reporting process.