Services ,tools, and applications integral for quality teaching and learning. (Not all applications are listed below)

UCR Banner Student Information System is a fully integrated software solution designed to help faculty, academic advisors, staff and students better manage academic and business operations. Faculty, academic advisors and staff use Banner features such as Advisor Student Profile, and Document Management to manage and review student records. Students use Banner features such as Registration, Self Service, and Student Profile to register for classes, review and accept financial aid, manage and pay their fees, and update personal information.

The Classrooms website allows you to locate any general assignment classroom, view floor plans and photographs of actual rooms, review the technology available in each room, and obtain instructions for equipment operation.

Clickers allow real-time interactions between the instructor and their students. The interactions are usually in the nature of queries by the instructor with students responding electronically to those queries. The student responses are digitally collected both as a group and individually and the information (data) reflects the individuals and/or group's consensus to the queries. This data can be immediately displayed as visual feedback, not only to the instructor but also to the queried audience. Information obtained in this way can be manipulated pedagogically and administratively via statistical analysis of the queried data to support programmatic goals of a course, a department or a campus wide initiative.

Cloud Printing (Wepa) 
With the new cloud printing kiosks, students will be able to choose to print their documents from one of 14 cloud printing kiosks across campus. Features will be expanded to include color printing, double sided, direct printing from Cloud accounts (like Google docs), direct printing from iLearn as well as scanning documents to email. 

iEval is UCR's online system for conducting student evaluation of course instructors and is currently administered by the Office of Evaluation and Assessment.

iGrade is a web-based grade submission system enabling UCR faculty to submit grades electronically (via the web or from an Excel spreadsheet) directly into the campus Student Information System. iGrade provides campus faculty with the ability to view and download class rosters from the web and perform edit checks on-line and obtain information on whether or not grades are ready to post.

MediaWorks is UCR's web-based system for requesting multimedia equipment, supplies, and personnel for events and courses.  MediaWorks allows creation of one-time as well as recurring events, and includes a powerful search feature.

Photo Roster
The UCR Photo Roster System is a "visual roster" that provides faculty digital images of students who are enrolled in their courses. Functioning as a visual resource, the Photo Roster helps teaching faculty place the visage of a real person to a name in the classroom. In the process, the Photo Roster creates a classroom community that fosters recognition within an academically closed and trusted socializing environment. Recognition promotes familiarization and helps students and instructors work towards the common goal of learning a subject.

Virtual lab (VLab) 
The VLab is a virtual environment for all UCR students to use software titles without having to download any software. Students use VMware (either a client download or the web interface) to utilize popular University-licensed software remotely on their own personal computer from anywhere with a broadband Internet connection.