Access the fundamental "getting connected" services, including wired and wireless connectivity, voice services and requesting support throughout the campus. (Not all applications are listed below)

Campus Operator
The Campus Operators for UC Riverside assist callers in reaching the appropriate people and/or departments on campus.

Campus Telephones
Communication Services is transitioning the campus telephone system from the traditional analog phone network to a digital VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) based solution. The new hosted VoIP system ensures high quality voice communications.

Campus Wireless Access
The wireless network on campus supports most devices and is available to all Eduroam and UC Riverside account holders. The primary and preferred wireless network is UCRWPA.

Communications Work Order System
The Communications Work Order (CWO) system allows users to issue work orders for communications services.  Any user with a valid NetID can access the system to generate a "Trouble Ticket" to report a problem.  Authorized Communication Work Order System users have options to create work orders for billable requests and can view work order analysis and reporting.

Eduroam (education roaming) is the secure, world-wide roaming wireless access service developed for the international research and education community. Eduroam, which is an encrypted (WPA2) wireless service, allows students, researchers, faculty, and staff from UCR to obtain internet connectivity across campus and when visiting other participating institutions. Members of the UCR campus can visit a campus offering eduroam and log in using their UCR NetID and password. Similarly, visitors to UCR can log in to UCR's eduroam network using their home campus credentials.

Guest Wireless
A tool that allows UCR faculty to create guest wireless accounts on their computer, tablet, or smartphone. UCR faculty can create up to ten accounts at a time, and the duration of these accounts may be extended on an as needed basis. Additionally, the new tool has a "wireless conference support" capability that allows individuals to create up to 100 wireless accounts to support larger groups of visitors. Campus Systems Access Administrators (SAAs) can create two wireless administrators per department to support these requests.