UC Riverside is a prime target of attacks from cybercriminals, including but not limited to phishing, ransomware, and job offer scams. Some of these attacks have already claimed victims at UCR this year. The financial, mental, and emotional toll of cyber crime is immense, which is why ITS wants to remind the Highlander community to follow cybersmart practices and remain vigilant when using technology. Visit its.ucr.edu/iso-alerts for current security alerts. Visit its.ucr.edu/cybersmart for cybersmart tips and resources. 


Currently enrolled UCR students are given a $7 print quota each quarter and can log in to Wēpa printers to perform tasks such as printing documents, uploading files to print, and depositing more funds. Guests and visitors also have options they can access such as using a Wepa code, uploading files from a USB, and scanning. 

Printing Kiosk


With the cloud printing kiosks, students are able to choose to print their documents from one of 21 cloud printing kiosks across campus. View a map of the available kiosks here. Features are expanded to include color printing, double-sided, direct printing from Cloud accounts (e.g., Google docs), direct printing from iLearn as well as scanning documents to email. Touchless printing is also available. To find the wēpa print kiosk nearest you, download the “wēpa print” app for your smartphone, select “University of California Riverside” as your school, and login. You can also visit www.wepanow.com and log in by selecting “University of California Riverside (UCR)” as your school. 

For more information, please view these resources