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Collaboration Brings New Campus Learning Space

When an opportunity arose to create a one-of-a-kind instructional space on campus that could potentially set the stage for all future active learning classrooms, the Information Technology Solutions (ITS) Multimedia Group jumped at the chance to be part of the innovative remodel for Skye Hall 170. Once a Hyper-Instructional Studio geared towards faculty instructional needs,...
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Leveraging Data to Transform the Enterprise IT Helpdesk

This past month, over 20 individuals from UCR ITS attended the annual University of California Computing Services Conference (UCCSC) held at UC Davis. For three days, our staff was able to network with other UC campus IT professionals to not only discuss current projects and problems facing the information technology industry as a system but...
By Azra Ayers | | Information Technology Solutions, BearHelp

IT Solutions: A New Way to Serve UCR's Technology Needs

For UC Riverside’s Information Technology Solutions (ITS) – formerly known as the Computing and Communications (C&C) department – a name change comes with great responsibility. “Our new mission to enable customer (campus) success is simple, yet carries a huge responsibility,” said Danna Gianforte, chief information officer and associate vice chancellor of the department. For Gianforte,...
By Sandra Baltazar Martinez | | Information Technology Solutions