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Critical Vulnerability (CVE-2021-44228, CVE-2021-45046) in Apache log4j Library

The Apache Software Foundation has updated their guidance on fully mitigating the log4j vulnerability and now recommends 2.17.0 as their most secure release. Please review their latest security information at for more information. Please be advised that multiple critical severity remote code execution vulnerabilities (CVE-2021-44228, CVE-2021-45046) have been discovered in Apache Log4j2 <= 2.14.1, a...
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Information About Chime/Go2Bank Solicitations for New Bank Accounts

UC recently learned that names, Social Security numbers and other personal information of some members of the UC community are being used to open unauthorized bank accounts at financial institutions named Chime and Go2Bank. We do not believe UC accounts have been compromised, and we suspect the personal information being used to create these unauthorized...
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Notice of Job Offer Scams Targeting UCR Students

The Information Security Office has been working diligently to investigate and defend UCR against a Job Offer Scam that is primarily targeting UCR students. This is a type of email scam in which the attacker will impersonate the identity of a UCR faculty member or administrator. Using social engineering tactics, the attacker will try to...
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Notice of Malicious Phishing Emails Targeting UCR

Please be advised that ITS has received reports of malicious phishing emails that are written to look as if they are coming from, other Student Services departments on campus, or individual campus users. The subject of the email will look like it is a reply to an email (i.e., the subject line begins with...

UCR Phishing Email Simulations

Keeping our campus safe is a top priority. A critical part of campus safety means keeping our electronic data such as research, grades, and personal information away from those who should not have it. Phishing (pronounced ‘fishing’) is one of the most common attack methods used by cybercriminals today. In fact, over 91 percent of...
By ITS Staff |

Watch Out For Business Email Compromise Scams

During the past several months, the Information Security Office has been working diligently in order to investigate and continuously defend UCR against a Business Email Compromise (BEC) attack campaign that primarily targeted UCR employees. However, it appears the BEC attacks have very recently taken a new form and are now targeting UCR students. A BEC...
By Peter Dinh |
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