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An overview of the information security policies and guidelines to which we must adhere.

For cybersecurity-specific support documentation, visit the ServiceLink Knowledge Base. For direct inquiries, please submit a support ticket here.


Scope: UC Riverside

Policies & Standards Related Standards, Guidelines & Procedures
Electronic Communications Policy (ECP) Electronic Communications Policy (ECP) Overview and Implementation 
Phishing Awareness
Multi-Factor Authentication
Malware Awareness
Ransomware Awareness
ChatGPT Guidance Gudience on Campus Use of ChatGPT


Scope: UC System-wide

Policies & Standards Related Standards, Guidelines & Procedures
IS - 3 Information Security Policy UC-IS-3
Electronic Communications Policy UC-IS-11-ECP
Information Technology Accessibility  UC-IT-AP
Identity and Access Management UC-IS-11-IAM
HIPAA Information Security UC-IS-HIPAA
Continuity Planning & Disaster Recovery UC-IS-12-CPDR
Systems Development Standards
UC-IT-12-0080.pdf (788.39 KB)


Scope: Nationwide

Policies & Standards Related Standards, Guidelines & Procedures
National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)

NDAA 889 Plan for UC Riverside

Note: Although UCR accounts for active students, staff, and faculty may potentially be disabled for a variety of reasons, the primary two reasons are due to potentially being compromised
or connecting to the network from an infected computer. If your account is disabled, you will be sent an email notification with information on steps to take to remediate your account.


Many students, staff, and faculty do not realize that sharing copyrighted materials (without permission) over the Internet is illegal.
Read more to ensure that you are fully aware of the law and act accordingly.

UCr Gold Line


The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) prohibits the use of equipment manufactured by a limited set of manufacturers.

Please read this page for details on how to work with the Information Security Office (ISO) to discontinue the use of products from banned manufacturers. 


UCR encourages the use of electronic information resources to conduct the University's business. The UC Electronic Communications Policy (ECP) governs use of campus electronic resources including, but not limited to, computer labs, e-mail, iLearn, wireless network, and virtual private network (VPN). By using UCR campus electronic resources you are agreeing to abide by the ECP as well as the ECP Overview and Implementation at UCR.



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