Campus Experience to Improve with New ITS Projects Underway

UCR Information Technology Solutions (ITS) is delighted to share details about multiple campus support projects aimed to improve the accessibility of IT services and user experience for students, faculty, staff, and guests. These projects--which are currently underway--include upgrades to the ServiceLink Portal, Knowledge Base, and ITS website. 

The catalyst behind all of these projects is the desire to increase campus access to IT resources and improve the overall customer experience. ServiceLink, ITS’ service management platform for campus, offers a robust customer portal where users can submit and view support tickets, find answers and self-help guidance in an IT Knowledge Base, download software, and request IT services.  

“Our goal is to ensure the Portal serves as a ‘one-stop shop’ for campus IT needs,” said Alexandra Chrystal, Manager of Communication & Training for ITS. “The updates we’re making are user-focused and aim to deliver intuitive navigation and valuable customer support. This has become increasingly important in a remote learning and working environment.”    

A few features users can expect are the ability to log in with one’s NetID for a personalized experience, an intuitive landing page, a student software catalog, and the ability for guests to submit support tickets. Desired future enhancements also include simplified service request forms, Knowledge Base article suggestions when seeking support, integration with TechAlerts, and a service catalog. The Portal will also receive a makeover, with new images highlighting key campus buildings and current events, as well as icons to match the recent UCR rebrand and ITS website.

Within the ServiceLink Portal, users are able to find self-help guidance in a repository known as the Knowledge Base (KB). The KB allows students, faculty, staff, and guests to access IT support 24/7 through detailed how-to and troubleshooting articles. ITS team members are currently migrating information from the old Computing & Communications site that previously housed campus IT guidance to the KB. All information is being reviewed, updated (if needed), and transformed into an easily-searchable self-help resource in the Knowledge Base. Centralizing these resources within the ServiceLink Portal will help to ensure the Portal offers comprehensive IT support.   

Concurrent with the Portal redesign effort, the ITS website will be redesigned to provide a more intuitive, engaging, and informative user experience. As the virtual “face” of ITS, the website will serve as a launch pad to valuable IT information and resources. Taking a user-centered design approach, users will quickly and easily be able to access the information and resources needed to enable their success. IT is core to UCR’s daily operations, particularly in a remote learning and working environment. Whether on or off campus, ITS wants the IT experience to be intuitive, reliable, and accessible to all users.  

It should be noted that these projects are ongoing. Users should expect to see some of these initiatives manifest as early as the 2021 fall quarter. 

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