Make the Switch: User Experience to Change with Duo Mobile Update

To help keep the data of our Highlander community safe, UC Riverside has a multi-factor authentication (MFA) process that requires users to take two separate security steps to verify their identity when trying to access a secure campus resource. Upon logging in with their NetID and password, the user is prompted to send a push notification to a trusted device, such as a personal smartphone or tablet. If the Duo Mobile App is installed on the personal device, the user can either approve or deny the identity verification request.

UCR’s MFA vendor for this process is Duo, and the company has just announced the release of its redesigned Duo Mobile application for iOS and Android. The rollout of Duo Mobile 4.0.0 will commence on October 11, 2021.

According to Duo, version 4.0.0 is designed to enhance the login experience while improving end-user awareness of the purpose and value of two-factor authentication.

The core functionality of Duo Mobile is not changing. However, it is important to note that users will notice a change to the interface. In the new version of the app Duo has reversed the order of the “Approve” and “Deny” buttons as they appear in the application when prompted to verify. To view a preview of this change, please watch our video about the Duo Mobile application update.

For more information about this change, please view Duo’s introduction to the redesign.

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