Up to Speed: New Internet Routers in the Residence Halls

Students living in UCR residence halls may notice a difference in internet connectivity upon returning from spring break!

While students have been away, Information Technology Solutions (ITS) has been working hard to improve an important part of the technology infrastructure in four of the UCR residence halls. In Aberdeen-Inverness, Glen Mor (phase 1), Lothian, and Pentland old internet routers have been replaced with new, powerful routers. 

What does this mean?

In short, it means faster and more reliable internet connectivity!

A router is a device that communicates between the internet and any devices on the network that connect to the internet, such as your laptop or smartphone. Replacing the old routers with modern ones means that internet traffic capacity for the building will be 20-40 times faster! The increased bandwidth as a result of the new routers will better support the increased number of students and devices in the residence halls at any given time. Thanks to this update, interruptions to internet connectivity will be greatly reduced even during busy times of the day.

This initiative is a part of ongoing efforts by ITS to improve internet and wireless capabilities across campus. We would like to acknowledge the ITS Networking team for a job well done on this important campus enhancement!  

Tech Tip: What's the difference between internet connectivity and WiFi speed? You can think of it like a freeway. By upgrading the routers we have effectively added more lanes to the freeway so more folks can travel at once, but the speed limit (WiFi speed) and individual vehicle performance (performance of your device) remain the same.