New and Improved Central IT Resources

Information Technology Solutions (ITS) has many key efforts underway in support of UC Riverside’s mission and growth. One such effort is a project to improve the campus user experience with IT resources. As a result, ITS plans to roll out a new website experience in Fall 2022!

The newly redesigned website will serve as a “one-stop-shop” for all central IT information, services, and self-help resources, streamlining the overall campus user experience. One important improvement is the reorganization and standardization of services. In alignment with universities around the nation, ITS has re-categorized its service forms and Knowledge Base (KB) articles according to Educause’s Higher Education IT Service Catalog Model.

What has changed?

The ITS service forms you know and use can now be found under the following service categories:   

Administrative and Business  Communication and Collaboration  Desktop and Mobile Computing  Infrastructure 
Services that support the administrative and business functions of our institution. Includes reporting, financial systems, EACS, human resource systems, academic personnel office systems, and student information systems. 
Services that facilitate institutional communication and collaboration needs. Includes conferencing and telephone services, including communications work order; email and collaboration services, including department email and mailgroups; media and audio/visual, including multimedia technology support; and web services, including Drupal.
Services that support access and use of community members’ devices and related peripherals. Includes managed desktop and mobile device support, printing and printing-related services, hardware asset management and procurement, and software and applications distribution.
Foundational services that support the operation and management of the enterprise IT environment. Includes application architecture and programming, data center services, database management, network and connectivity management, campus camera systems, and server and storage management.
New Application Request 
Financial Systems (And EACS) Request Form 
Human Resources or APO Service Request 
Request for Reporting Services 
Student Information System Service Request 

Campus Web Solutions – Service Request 
Department Email & Mailgroup Application 
Launch a Drupal Website 
Multimedia Request for Services and Support 
Request a Campus Website 
Hardware Request 
Lab Reservations 
Laptop Kiosk 
Application Form
Request Printer Deployment 
Request to Install Lab Software 
Software Request 
Virtual lab (Apporto)  
Request Form
WEPA Printing Kiosk 
API Access Request 
Application Architecture 
AWS Cloud Services Request 
Non Standard Domain Name Use 
Request Database Service 
Request for Campus Camera System 
Request a Systems Service 
Network Access 
Network Consultation 
DNS Record 
IT Professional Services Research Information Security  Teaching and Learning 
People-based services that support the management of IT for the institution. Comprises consulting services not related to specific services identified in other categories. Includes project inquiries, service enhancements, Wiki requests, IT communication and documentation, IT service delivery and support, portfolio and project management, and training and outreach.
Services supporting the institution’s research activities, including advanced or specialized storage and applications, research data services and software, and lab management systems.
Services that provide security, data integrity, and compliance for institutional activities. Includes identity and access management, security consulting and education, incident response and investigation, and security policy and compliance.
Services providing instructional technology and resources directly supporting teaching and learning. Includes UCR's learning management system, Canvas.
General Inquiry 
ITS Communication & Training Request 
Request an Enhancement to ServiceNow 
Request Enhancement or New Project 
Wiki Space Requests 
Research Computing Services  Central Authentication Service 
Firewall Change Request 
Information Security Consultation 
Security Policy Exception Request 
Shibboleth Integration 

Canvas Access

Canvas Community Course Creation

Canvas Course Merge 

In addition to the recategorization of IT service forms, Knowledge Base (KB) articles have also been recategorized according to the Educause model. 

Will this change how I interact with the IT service forms and KB articles? 

The content and functionality of the service forms and articles have not changed. In fact, if you "starred" or "favorited" the URL of a specific form or article, you should still be able to use that URL link to access that specific resource. Similarly, you can still enter keywords into the ServiceNow search bar to find the resources you need. You will notice a change if you use the categories menu to find service forms and articles. The categories menu will now show the above options of Administrative and Business, Communication and Collaboration, Desktop and Mobile Computing, Infrastructure, IT Professional Services, Research, Information Security, and Teaching and Learning.     

What's next?

As mentioned, ITS hopes to unveil its new website soon. Information about the new site layout and functionality will be shared in the coming weeks. We have been working with a committee of campus stakeholders to help ensure that the new website experience is more intuitive, engaging, and informative so that our Highlander community can find what they need when they need it.

To keep up with the launch and see sneak previews of the new site, be sure to follow us on social media! 

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