ITS Supports Impact23 with Introduction of Looker Data Analytics Tool

Data fragmentation and a lack of proper data governance pose barriers to efficient work and data-driven decisions. That is why ITS developed an Enterprise Data Strategy for UCR that will help our University overcome challenges brought on by siloed, out-of-date, duplicate, and conflicting data. Successful implementation of this strategy will bring together key data assets and ensure that data are trusted, secure, easily accessible, and of the highest quality.

As part of this Enterprise Data Strategy, ITS has invested in Looker, a data analytics and self-service reporting tool. This robust data visualization platform will make data accessible and consumable to departments across campus.

A soft launch of Looker will take place as part of the current financial system replacement effort, Impact23. On August 1, 2023, finance departments on campus will be able to access select financial datasets to easily build custom views and reports.

During the soft launch, three financial datasets will be accessible through Looker: Finance (General Ledger and Working Budget), Payroll Distribution, and Banner Student Receivables. These will be available to those who are given EACS access by their System Access Administrator (SAA).

Looker is just one of ITS’ many contributions to Impact23. ITS has been heavily involved in the technical development and implementation of the new financial systems, as well as remediating applications and boundary systems that will be affected by the financial system upgrade. 

Impact23 is currently underway and campus is advised to take note of system cutoff dates and conversion periods where systems will be unavailable. The Impact23 program is a multi-year initiative that will transform the way UCR transacts, develops budgets, tracks spending and revenue, and performs financial reporting.

As announced in the Impact23 Insider News, the Impact23 Training Program is available for folks who will transition to the new, cloud-based financial applications. It should also be noted that additional guidance for Looker and other financial boundary systems will be released ahead of the rollout.

Visit the Impact23 website to learn more about UCR’s financial system replacement program. Bookmark the Impact23 calendar to follow important dates and events related to the program. Lastly, don’t forget to subscribe to the Digital Digest newsletter to stay updated on the latest Digital Transformation initiatives from ITS!

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