NCSAM Event Image (Donut Holes)

Donut holes are good. Security holes are not!

Stop by our ITS booth and visit with the UCR Information Security Team during the month of October 2019, for delicious donut holes, fresh coffee, and helpful cybersecurity tips. This event is part of ITS outreach efforts for National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM), 2019. 

Hope to see you there!

UCR Information Technology Solutions


Free to attend.

Open to all UCR students, faculty, and staff.


Dates & Locations:

10/08/2019: 9-11 AM --- Walkway near HUB/Coffee Bean

10/16/2019: 9-11 AM --- Walkway near HUB/Coffee Bean

10/22/2019: 9-11 AM --- Walkway near HUB/Coffee Bean

10/28/2019: 9-11 AM --- Walkway near HUB/Coffee Bean


We also invite you to participate in our UCR CyberSmart Social Media Challenge taking place during October 2019? Don't miss out on the opportunity! Learn more