Information About Chime/Go2Bank Solicitations for New Bank Accounts

UC recently learned that names, Social Security numbers and other personal information of some members of the UC community are being used to open unauthorized bank accounts at financial institutions named Chime and Go2Bank. We do not believe UC accounts have been compromised, and we suspect the personal information being used to create these unauthorized accounts was obtained from prior data breaches. Affected UC community members are receiving emails from these institutions asking them to confirm the new account by clicking a link in the email.

What individuals can do to protect themselves against this attack
  • Watch out for suspicious communications from Chime/Go2Bank: Be on the lookout for email or physical mail notifications suggesting an account that you do not recognize has been opened. These may come in different forms — notification of a new account, requests to confirm your email address, or physical debit/credit cards sent to your home address.

    **Anyone receiving an email from Chime or Go2Bank asking them to confirm a new bank account they do not recognize should not click any links in the email itself, and should then forward the email to their local information security office.
  • Promptly close unauthorized accounts: If you believe an account has been opened without your permission, contact the company immediately and inform them that you believe someone has fraudulently opened an account. Ask the company to close the account and confirm the closure with you once complete. Individuals may contact Chime at 844-244-6363 and Individuals may contact Go2Bank at 855-459-1334 or by using one of the methods listed at
What individuals can do to protect themselves generally

Because of the way Chime and Go2Bank accounts are initiated the suggestions below will not directly help in this particular case, but are nevertheless good general advice and can help with a myriad of other cyberattacks. 

What UC is doing
  • UCOP will continue to communicate with Chime and Go2Bank to learn more about this incident, and work with them to monitor accounts associated with UC email addresses. 
  • UCOP is reaching out to the relevant law enforcement agencies.
  • UCOP is monitoring systems to determine whether there are additional similar communications from these or other institutions.
  • UC Riverside is adding a banner to highlight anytime a Chime or Go2Bank email comes into a UCR mail box to increase awareness of potential fraudulent activity.
  • UC Riverside is alerting those that have already received these emails, with guidance to ensuring the accounts are legitimate, or instructions on how to close the accounts.
  • UC Riverside is communicating broadly to the campus community regarding this attack.
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