Something Look "Suspish"? Ring the PhishAlarm!

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Information Technology Solutions (ITS) is pleased to announce the release of PhishAlarm, an email add-in that allows you to easily report a suspected phishing email. Campus users can now report a suspicious email at the click of a button.  

With phishing attacks on the rise, it’s more important than ever that our Highlander community remain vigilant and report suspicious online activity. However, we heard from campus users that the current process for reporting suspicious email phishing is cumbersome. In response, the ITS Information Security Office has deployed an email-integrated report button called PhishAlarm. PhishAlarm is simple, easy to use, and already installed in your UC Riverside email client!  

To learn how to use PhishAlarm, click on the corresponding link below: 

PhishAlarm for UCR Students and Faculty (via R'mail) 

PhishAlarm for UCR Staff (via Outlook desktop client) 

PhishAlarm for UCR Staff (via Outlook Web Application) 

Please also find a detailed list of supported email clients below:  

While the ITS Information Security Office actively mitigates cybersecurity threats against UC Riverside, malicious actors are always looking for new ways to target our community. As a result, phishing emails and scams still sometimes find their way to us. That’s why you play a critical role in keeping the Highlander community safe from cybercriminals. Our defense against them improves every time you ring the PhishAlarm! 

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