Connecting the UCR Campus Community Through Slack

One of the main goals of the Digital Transformation initiative is to establish common platforms where Highlanders can learn, teach, work, and collaborate seamlessly. In support of this endeavor, ITS recently invested in Slack Enterprise Grid, a centralized, secure virtual space that allows students, faculty, and staff to communicate, share files, and work together.

Slack Enterprise Grid connects the entire UCR community like never before. Every student, faculty, and staff member will have access to their own Slack account at no cost to the user or their department. It will also give everyone the flexibility to have separate yet connected workspaces across the University.

What’s more, since Slack is the preferred collaboration tool within the UC system, it allows different campuses to connect with each other.

Slack will be available to the broader campus very soon! Visit the Slack Enterprise Grid project page to learn more about this service.

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