IAMRiverside Project Team Deploys Post-Go Live Changes

Resolutions have been provided for the following issues related to IAMRiverside:

Issue Resolution
Account requests with a future hire date were not processed correctly in IAMRiverside and were causing delays in NetID creation as a result. This issue has been resolved as of May 16. However, accounts with future hire dates created prior to the fix will need to be reprocessed. Please call BearHelp at (951) 827-4848 for assistance if a profile does not appear in IAMRiverside.
Transactors/requestors were not able to see or find new accounts they created. This issue was resolved on May 23.
Incorrect data on Org Unit mailbox owners resulted in owners being unable to manage mailbox membership. This issue was resolved on May 23.
Issues on student employee email data affected students’ access to Canvas; incorrect email addresses displayed in Profiles and other directories. This issue has been resolved as of May 16. However, the student employee primary email requires a step to correct the data. If the issue persists, please escalate to the IAMRiverside project team by submitting a ticket.

The IAMRiverside project team has deployed 28 additional changes since Go Live, which include various fixes. To report an issue with IAMRiverside, please submit a ticket or call BearHelp at (951) 827-4848.

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