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WHAT IS IAMRiverside?

IAMRiverside is an identity and access management solution that will greatly improve UC Riverside’s security posture and streamline the user account lifecycle. It is scheduled to deploy in Spring 2023. Please continue to check this page for project updates and resources. 

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  • What is identity and access management?

    Identity and access management (IAM) enables the right individuals to access the right resources at the right times for the right reasons.   

    To an end-user—such as a student, employee, affiliate, etc.—this means having one’s accounts provisioned in the correct systems and gaining access to the correct features and data within those systems. 

    For a supervisor or system administrator, this means knowing to which systems his or her direct or indirect reports have access, being able to request more or less access as needed, and being able to audit access over time.  

    Importantly, all of this should take place in a timely, efficient, and effective manner so that University operations can run smoothly and swiftly. 

  • Why is a new identity and access management solution needed?

    UC Riverside stores user identity data in three separate systems. These systems act as the source of authority for identity information, however, they do not communicate data to campus’ various systems and applications on their own.   

    The current IAM architecture is a homegrown solution that was custom-built to serve as an identity registry for campus. While it served UCR’s identity and access management needs when it was initially developed, the University has continued to grow and technology has continued to change. IAM processes and tools have been incrementally implemented and integrated over time to try to keep pace with the University’s growth, however, this approach has meant that many processes integral to successfully managing the identity management lifecycle are highly manual, underdeveloped, or simply do not exist.  

    In short, the current IAM model no longer serves the University’s needs.

  • Who has been involved in the planning of this effort?

    All divisions within ITS are participating in the IAMRiverside project. Other campus stakeholders who have been involved in the planning of this effort include UCPath Campus Support Center (CSC), Academic Personnel Office (APO), Staff Development (HR), University Extension (UNEX), and the School of Medicine (SOM).  

    It is important to reiterate that IAMRiverside is the structural foundation that supports the campus’ identity lifecycle management. This foundation must be laid first in order to support future enhancements to campus business processes and tools that rely on identity and access management. Once deployed, additional business processes will be assessed to determine whether enhancements are needed. In such cases, the campus functional owners of those business processes will be engaged to help plan and implement improvements. 

  • What does this mean for the existing IAM framework?

    The existing IAM solution will be phased out. As a result, some related systems will also be retired. These systems include the Enterprise Directory (eDir), eForms, and Temporary NetID System (TNS). UCR’s Profiles system has been enhanced to provide the basic user data previously captured by Enterprise Directory. Advanced Enterprise Directory features will be available to approvers, transactors, and administrators in the new IAMRiverside user interface. More details about these changes and user guidance will be provided ahead of the deployment.  

  • How will these changes affect me?

    No action is needed on your part. The structural and technological changes that will take place as a result of the deployment will be largely imperceptible to most campus users, with the exception of a new and improved central user interface and similar or simplified business processes. 

    Due to the limitations of the legacy technology and code, some processes could not be properly adjusted to meet new and evolving requirements over time. These processes will be corrected as a part of the upcoming deployment. Those who perform IAM  processes will receive email communication with guidance on the new user interface and business process changes in advance of the change. If you want to ensure you receive all notifications related to IAMRiverside, please subscribe to the IAMRiverside mailing list.   

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