IAMRiverside Improves UCR’s Identity and Access Management Service

Earlier this year, UCR began the process of replacing its legacy identity and access management (IAM) architecture by implementing IAMRiverside, a solution that effectively lays the new structural foundation for the campus’ identity lifecycle management.

As reported by the ITS Information Security Office, this change has significantly improved the overall stability of the IAM service. Chief Information Security Officer Dewight Kramer shared:

“In the past, when there was a power outage in our data center, it could take days to get [the] IAM [service] back up and running. However, since [migrating] to the new stack, we have been able to restore [the] IAM service in just a matter of hours. This is a significant improvement, and it is a testament to the stability of the new architecture.”

In addition to the improved stability, IAMRiverside also offers a number of benefits. For instance, because the solution is more flexible and scalable, it’s much easier to implement new business rules and use cases. This gives the ITS Identity and Access Management team more freedom to optimize IAMRiverside to meet the University’s needs.

Over the last several months, the IAMRiverside project team has deployed several bug fixes, including a fix for email provisioning, change announcement notifications, and a classification fix based on an individual with multiple supervisors. The team has also worked on some of the ancillary systems that IAMRiverside depends on to help improve performance and reliability.

The deployment of IAMRiverside was the first key step in greatly improving UCR’s security posture and streamlining the user account lifecycle. Centralizing access management will be the next step in ensuring improved security, swift account creation, real-time updates, automation, greater efficiency, and a singular view of the campus user.

Visit the IAMRiverside webpage to learn more about UCR’s identity and access management solution. To report issues related to IAMRiverside, please submit a ticket or call BearHelp at (951) 827-4848.

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