New Identity and Access Management Infrastructure at UCR

Deployment of IAMRiverside means new user experience, sunsetting of eDir, eForms, and TNS

Top 5 Things to Know:

  • Deployment is scheduled to commence March 16, 2023, and conclude March 21*, 2023 
    • (* Please note that the deployment window has been extended as the result of a campus outage on March 20)
  • Campus can expect a disruption of IAM-dependent services during the deployment window
  • Identity creation and management processes previously performed in Enterprise Directory (eDir), eForms, and Temporary NetID System (TNS) will now be performed in IAMRiverside 
  • eDir, eForms, and TNS will be decommissioned as part of the deployment of the new solution and, therefore, no longer accessible 
  • Access managed through EACS will continue to be managed through EACS 

Read on for detailed information about IAMRiverside and how it affects you as a member of the UCR community. 

Deployment of IAMRiverside 

Deployment of UCR’s new identity and access management solution, IAMRiverside, is scheduled to commence the afternoon of March 16, 2023, and conclude in the early morning hours of March 21*, 2023. Watch the IAMRiverside overview video to learn more.

Support Resources  

Information about IAMRiverside and support resources, including step-by-step guidance, are available on the IAMRiverside project page:

Those looking for additional support after deployment can attend the IAMRiverside Office Hour on Tuesday, March 28, from 1:30 - 2:30 PM (more times to be announced shortly). 

User Experience During Deployment 

Campus can anticipate the following during the deployment window:

Delay in NetID Creation & Account Updates

It is important to note that NetIDs cannot be provisioned during the deployment window. As a result, folks should expect delays in providing system access to new persons, as well as delays in processing any changes made in sources of authority (e.g., UCPath, Banner, etc.) for an existing person. This inconvenience is an unfortunate byproduct of the cutover to the new solution, but also a reminder of how critical this infrastructure is to UCR operations. Please share this information with your unit and try to plan accordingly.   

Decommissioning of eForms, Enterprise Directory (eDir), and Temporary NetID System (TNS)

eForms, eDir, and TNS will be decommissioned as part of the deployment. As a result, these systems will no longer be accessible. Once IAMRiverside is live, functions currently performed in those systems will be performed in IAMRiverside. 

Disruption to Password Reset

Additionally, near the beginning of the deployment window, the ability to reset one’s password in MyAccount will be unavailable for approximately one hour. An alert will be posted in MyAccount to make users aware of this planned service disruption.  

Email Alias Limitation in R’Mail

Similarly, during the deployment window, those with R’Mail (Google) email accounts will be unable to use the “send as” alternate alias function when composing emails. Any emails sent during this time will leverage the default setting to “send as” the user’s However, it should be noted that users can still “send to” all alias email accounts (e.g.,    

UCPath Will Be Authoritative Source for Employee and Contingent Worker Account Types

Finally, it should be noted that IAMRiverside will look to UCPath as the authoritative source for account type. As a result, some users may notice a change in their access if there is currently a discrepancy between their UCPath designation and any alternate designation provided by eDir or eForms. We believe there are only a handful of units that this applies to, but if you or your staff experience any access issues after Go Live, please ensure that proper attributions have been applied in UCPath and EACS. If access issues persist, please submit a ticket to the Identity and Access Management (IAM) team.   

User Experience After Deployment 

Upon successful deployment, IAM-related services are expected to resume operations as usual. 

If you experience any access issues after March 20, please ensure that proper attributions have been applied in UCPath and EACS. If access issues persist, please submit a ticket for the Identity and Access Management (IAM) team or call BearHelp during normal business hours at 951-827-4848.    

Those who previously held eForms and/or eDir permissions will be able to log into using their NetID credentials. For guidance on how to perform specific functions, please refer to the knowledge documentation

Key Features to Note:

  • IAMRiverside introduces a way to provision NetIDs prior to UCPath approval (watch the interface overview video to learn more)
  • An automated user match process will help to ensure duplicate accounts are not created for the same individual so long as those creating the account complete important form fields, such as the user’s birthdate and personal email address  
  • An individual’s NetID can now be found by searching for the user at and clicking on their profile card (please note that you must be logged into Profiles in order to view) 
  • The IAMRiverside system will send notifications to interested parties to communicate system actions and events (e.g., account expiration, creation, modification) 
  • Administrators now have access to identity and access reports 

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