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Multimedia & Classroom Technologies


ITS Multimedia and Classroom Technologies (MCT) provides and maintains presentation technology in support of instruction and special events. We drafted and implemented the Classroom Technology Plan, a commitment to classroom technology renewal and replacement. We have equipped 100% of UCR's general assignment classrooms with LCD data/video projectors, VHS VCRs, DVD players, computer interface, and network connections. Lecture halls were also equipped with wireless microphones, PC computers, and document cameras. Our commitment to instructional technology has led us to design and implement "smarter" classrooms.

Multimedia Services also delivers and operates presentation equipment in non-equipped spaces. With our videoconferencing technology, you can hold seminars, classes, or meetings with any UC campus or other sites worldwide. Our staff is available for consultation on classroom design issues or the planning of special events.

MCT Mission Statement

As UCR's main presentation technology provider, we at Multimedia Technologies Group support the university's teaching mission by enhancing the quality and effectiveness of instructional delivery methods. With state-of-the-art media systems, we provide a means to achieve greater impact in the classroom, from idea inception to final solution.

MCT General Services

Academic Support

MCT provides numerous services in support of academic departments on campus. Please find a list of general academic support services below. 

Work orders can be submitted via MediaWorks. Transactor Access is needed to enter and edit requests in MediaWorks. This access level is authorized by your departmental Systems Access Administrator (SAA) using the Enterprise Access Control System (EACS). There are no equipment charges for Academically Scheduled Courses. If you cannot gain access to Media2010, please complete a Multimedia Services Form and email it to

  • General Assignment Classrooms
    • Installs, maintains, and upgrades AV systems
    • Provides consultation and guidance for campus classroom expansion
    • Provides training for instructors on use of classroom AV systems
    • Manages access to AV systems (daily unlock and securing of instructor cabinets)
    • Provides “live” support during instruction through classroom help button system, phone, and in-person support to provide continuity of teaching
    • Delivers and/or installs special items per instructor special request, including: 
      • catchbox for large lecture halls
      • specialized software
      • recording equipment
      • course capture services 
  • Departmental Classrooms and Instructional Spaces
    • Delivers equipment to non-equipped spaces for instruction
    • Installs and maintains AV systems* 
    • Provides support during instruction (currently an out-of-policy, unfunded mandate)

    *services available on a recharge basis

  • Instructional Material Creation and Support
    • Maintains and operates instructional studio spaces, including:
      • learning glass
      • green screen
      • stand-up
    • Provides guidance and support services for digital instructional materials*, including:
      • format conversions
      • streaming services
      • digital asset management via YuJa
      • YouTube

    *some services only available on a recharge basis

  • Hybrid and Online Activities Support
    • Acts as user support and application admin for Zoom, YuJa, and other multimedia and classroom technology platforms
    • Supports XCITE, which provides direct pedagogical and instructional training to professors

Event & Non-Academic Support

MCT provides services in support of non-academic campus activities, including live events. Please see a list of general services below. 

Work orders can be submitted in person at the Multimedia Front Office (Sproul Hall Basement) Monday through Friday, 8AM - 5PM. Payment must be made prior to the event in the form of check or money order.

  • Event Support
    • Provides access to AV systems in general assignment classrooms being used for events*
    • Delivers, sets up, and operates AV systems for campus events*
    • Provides event recording services (raw documentation only; no post-production editing services)*

    *services available on a recharge basis

  • AV System Installation and Support
    • Installs, maintains, and upgrades AV systems in department-managed spaces, such as conference and seminar rooms*

    *services available on a recharge basis

  • Online Activities Support
    • Train users and manage Zoom upgrades for non-academic use*
    • Providing recording and streaming services for live events* such as:
      • Chancellor town halls
      • Commencement
      • Conferences 

    *services available on a recharge basis

Location: B214C Sproul Hall (Basement)

Office Hours: M-F 8:00a-5:00p

Phone: (951) 827-3041

Fax: (951) 827-7282

Please contact the following people:

Michael Capriotti, Manager, Multimedia and Classroom Technologies:
Michael Jakic, AV Engineer:
Apolinar Cueto, AV Engineer:
Siddiq Siddiqui-Ali, Multimedia Technology Analyst:
Jorge Macias, Lead Av Engineer:
Fernanda Rojas, Classroom and Remote Instruction Technology Specialist:

If you are unsure of who to reach, please email

Approved Current Fiscal Year Rates

The mission of C&C's Media Resources is to support the UCR academic and public service efforts by providing audiovisual equipment and technical support services for presentations during instruction and special events.

Service Rate
Labor Rate - UCR Departments $87.93/hour
Rush Labor Rate - UCR Departments $131.90/hour
A/V Attendant $24.82/hour
Delivery/Pick-Up Only Fee $24.82/hour
Equipment Rate
LCD Projector $38.54/day 
10.5’x14’ Screen $22.03/day
Projection Screen (6x6) $22.03/day
Projection Screen (8x8) $22.03/day
DVD/VHS Player $24.15/day
Video Camera $24.15/day
Document Camera $24.15/day
Wireless Hand Mic $32.58/day
Wireless Lapel Microphone $32.58/day
USB Camera/Microphone $32.58/day
Sound Amplification System $32.58/day
Miscellaneous Supplies (batteries, computer cables) $5.00/day
General Assignment Classroom Equipment (80 seats or less) $24.82/hour
General Assignment Classroom Equipment (81 seats or more) $39.33/hour

Rates updated May 26, 2021

You may cancel an equipment or service request prior to the setup of your event. Please call (951) 827-3045 to cancel equipment. Academic orders cancelled upon delivery incur a $10.00 cancellation fee.
Orders placed less than 3 business days before the event incur a $25.00 late fee.