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Get Set Up:

  • Log into your UCR MyAccount

    The MyAccount portal is the central tool for managing your UCR identity. This is where you can view and edit account access preferences, change your password, manage your security questions, enroll in Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), and manage your MFA devices. For instructions on how to log into MyAccount, click here

  • Set your MyAccount security questions and answers

    Having a unique, complex password is key to keeping your UCR identity and all associated personal information secure. In the event you forget your password, you can recover your account by answering security questions. After logging into MyAccount for the first time, be sure to set up your security questions and answers in the MyAccount portal. For instructions, click here.

  • Enroll in multi-factor authentication (MFA)

    What's better than having a unique password? Having a second system to verify it's really you who is trying to access secure information. UCR requires multi-factor authentication (MFA) to access secure campus systems to help keep the University's information and your personal information safe. When you first log into MyAccount you'll be prompted to enroll in MFA through our vendor, DUO. For instructions on how to enroll a personal cell phone or tablet in MFA through the DUO mobile app, click here.

  • Enroll in the UCR emergency notification system (ENS)

    ENS is a mass notification system used to send text/SMS messages to students, faculty, and staff members in the event of an emergency or immediate threat to campus or the surrounding community. Text messaging is one of several tools used to communicate during an emergency and is often the quickest way to be notified. The first time you log into MyAccount you will be prompted to enroll in the UCR ENS. For more information about ENS, click here.

Get Connected:

  • Connect to campus wireless internet

    WiFi (internet) is available to all UCR students while on campus. For instructions on how to get connected, click here.

  • Install and use the virtual private network (VPN)

    Did you know that when you're using a public or unsecure internet connection your device is vulnerable to hackers and other bad actors looking to steal your information or deploy malware? A virtual private network (VPN) is a secure tunnel that is established between your computer and the network to which you are connecting. This secure tunnel makes sure bad actors cannot see any sensitive data you send over the network, such as passwords or financial information. You are encouraged to always use the UCR VPN when working online, especially if connected to an unfamiliar network. For instructions on how to install and use the UCR campus VPN, click here.

  • Log into your R’Mail account

    New students are given a UCR Net ID with their acceptance letter, and an email account after accepting their offer of admission. Learn how to log into your UCR R'Mail account here.

  • Access R’Docs (Google Drive) storage from your R’Mail account

    As part of your R'Mail account, you have access to document storage through R'Docs (Google Drive). You can use R'Docs to store documents and files in the cloud, share them, and also collaborate remotely with others in real time. For instructions on how to access R'Docs, click here

  • Install and use Zoom for video conferencing

    Zoom is UCR's official web-based video conferencing platform to support remote classroom participation, meetings, seminars, webinars, and online events. All UCR students are automatically provisioned a Zoom account. For instructions on how to install and use Zoom, click here.

  • Install and log into the Canvas app from your phone or tablet

    Canvas is UCR's official Learning Management System (LMS). For instructions on how to install and log into the Canvas app from your phone or tablet, click here.

  • Log into R’Web to access UCR applications and resources

    R'Web is UCR's campus portal that contains quick links to important systems and applications, as well as news and announcements. To log into R’Web to access student applications and resources, click here.

  • Sign up to receive the quarterly ITS newsletter for IT news and resources

    Sign up for the quarterly ITS "In IT Together" newsletter to receive the latest information on IT initiatives, tools, resources, and tech tips and tricks. You can update your subscription preferences at any time. Sign up here.

Get Resources:

  • Download course software from the Software Center

    Students can download software and applications needed for their courses through the Software Catalog in the IT service portal. For instructions on how to use the Software Catalog, click here

  • Access software via web browser through the Apporto Virtual Lab

    Apporto is UCR’s virtual computer lab service (vlab). Through Apporto students can run instructional software and applications from within an internet browser. Students can upload a document from their computer hard drive or storage device into the virtual environment, work on their documents using the desired application, and then download a copy of their new or revised document onto their computer hard drive or storage device. This feature, along with many others, make the UCR VLab a convenient and user-friendly way for students to perform their coursework without needing to obtain a software license or use a specific computer operating system. For instructions on how to use the Apporto vlab, click here

  • Access Microsoft applications through the O365 Student Advantage program

    UCR provides Microsoft Office 365 Pro Plus for all current students at no cost via the Microsoft Student Advantage program. This agreement between UCR and Microsoft allows us to provide current students with the latest full version of Office on campus and at home. To access Microsoft applications through the O365 Student Advantage program, click here.

  • Use a computer in the campus Computer Labs

    ITS Student Technology Services maintains four physical computer labs on campus, offering approximately 77 computers for academic use by all UCR students. To learn about the computer labs, including hours and locations, click here.

  • Rent a laptop from the campus Laptop Kiosks at no charge

    ITS maintains laptop kiosks on campus that allow students to check out a laptop and use it for up to 24 hours. The Anytime Laptop Kiosks are funded through the Student Technology Fee, so any UCR student can check out a laptop at no charge. To learn more about the Anytime Laptop Kisoks, including locations and hours of operation, click here.

  • Apply for a long-term loaner laptop through the Loan2Learn program

    ITS launched the Loan2Learn (L2L) Program for students in need of off-campus access to a learning device. Any student who does not have off-campus access to internet or a device that supports remote teaching and learning—such as a laptop, desktop, tablet, or headphones—may apply to the L2L Program. If you believe you qualify for this program, apply here.

  • Print on campus using the WEPA printers
  • Request assistance from Student Technology Services

    The Student Technology Services (STS) team provides on-campus IT support to students through numerous services. For information about services and how to request assistance from STS, click here.

  • Request multimedia services for a campus event

    If you are part of a student club or organization and looking to host an on-campus event that requires presentation technology or video recording services, you can request multimedia services here.

  • Learn about the Student Technology Fee (STF)

    The Student Technology Fee (STF) allows UCR to strategically invest in technologies that bolster a high-tech teaching and learning environment for students and faculty. Learn about STF and the services it supports here.

  • Learn about Rooms for Increasing Student Engagement (RISE)

    When it comes to being future fluent, UC Riverside is not just talking the talk, it's taking the lead. Rooms for Increasing Student Engagement, or RISE, is a campus-wide initiative to transform classroom technology to meet the needs of tomorrow. Learn about Rooms for Increasing Student Engagement (RISE) here.

  • Find IT training resources

    Not sure how to use a specific IT resource? Visit the ITS training toolkit for training resources. 

Stay Secure:

  • Security tips for keeping your data safe

    This video provides information on some simple steps you can take to make sure your data is secure. To view this video on Youtube, click here. For additional tips on information security, click here

  • Tips for working securely while off campus

    During your time at UCR you'll likely find yourself working remotely, whether from home or a coffee shop. Here are some tips for working securely while off-campus.

  • How to identify email phishing

    Unfortunately there are bad folks out there actively targeting you as a university student and trying to gain access to your personal information, typically for financial gain. One of the most common ways bad actors target students is through email phishing. Phishing emails are crafted to look legitimate but contain malicious programming or content used to capture sensitive data, which can put you and UCR at risk. 

    Please keep yourself safe by reviewing these tips on how to identify email phishing. If you are suspicious of an email you received and believe it could be fishing, follow these steps to properly report it to the ITS Information Security Office. 

  • Report suspicious online activity

    If you are suspicious of an email, notification, or other online activity you're experiencing, please follow these steps to properly report the incident to the ITS Information Security Office.

  • Stay informed with current security alerts

    Because university students are likely to be targeted by bad actors, it's important to stay away of current security concerns and known scams. Stay informed by frequently checking the Security Alert page and remaining vigilant when working online.

  • Learn more about cybersecurity

    The mission of the Information Security Office at UC Riverside is to enhance security and protect information for UC, UCR, and the associated communities. Learn more about cybersecurity by visiting the Information Security Office page and reviewing the UCR cybersecurity policies and standards.

Get Help:

  • Retrieve your NetID and/or reset your NetID password

    In the event you forget your NetID or the password to your NetID account, you can retrieve or reset the account information yourself by providing personally identifiable information to confirm your identity. For instructions on how to retrieve your NetID or reset your password, click here

  • Visit TechAlerts to check current system status

    ITS often performs proactive maintenance on campus systems to help ensure systems stay operational and up-to-date. In the event a system does experience an outage or disruption unexpectedly, ITS works diligently to investigate the issue and return the system to normal service levels. In either case, ITS makes campus aware of both planned and unexpected outages via TechAlerts. To check the current status of a campus system, visit the TechAlerts page.

  • Search for answers in the IT Knowledge Base

    If you're experiencing an IT issue and looking for guidance on how to resolve it, you can find numerous articles that provide instructions on IT systems and step-by-step guidance on common technical issues in the IT Knowledge Base. You can enter a keyword or phrase in the search bar or search for articles by category. 

  • Submit a support ticket in the portal

    In the event you can't find answers in the IT Knowledge Base, you can submit a ticket to request technical support in the IT service portal at

  • Call BearHelp for live support

    If you are unable to submit a support ticket or need to speak with a live helpdesk representative, you can call BearHelp during normal business hours (Mon. - Fri., 8am - 5pm) at 951-827-4848.

Other Campus Resources:

  • Student Affairs

    To learn about student affairs, visit the UC Riverside Student Affairs page.

  • LIbrary

    To utilize the campus library resources available online, please go here.

  • XCITE – Keep Learning

    UCR Keep Learning is designed to be an information resource and a campus community to help you learn remotely. The Keep Learning website contains Quick Guides to Zoom, iLearn, and Yuja, as well as Best Practices for Exams in iLearn and suggestions for online assignments, Recording Lectures, and more.

    Click here to visit the full Keep Learning website.

  • UCR Home

    To visit the UCR home page, please go here.